UIs for languages that are read from right-to-left (RTL), such as Arabic and Hebrew, should be mirrored to ensure content is easy to understand.

Design & API Documentation


npm install --save @material/rtl


Sass Mixins

mdc-rtl is the most flexible mixin, because it can work with multiple CSS properties. All other RTL mixins logic could be engineered by only using mdc-rtl, but we provide these mixins for convenience.

Both mdc-rtl-reflexive-property and mdc-rtl-reflexive-box work with one base box-model property, e.g. margin, border, padding. But mdc-rtl-reflexive-property is more flexible because it accepts different left and right values. mdc-rtl-reflexive-box assumes the left and right values are the same, and therefore that the box-model is symmetrical.

mdc-rtl-reflexive-position is the least flexible mixin. It only works with one horizontal position property, “left” or “right”. It also assumes the left and right values are the same.

Mixin Description
mdc-rtl($root-selector) Creates a rule that is applied when the root element is within an RTL context
mdc-rtl-reflexive-box($base-property, $default-direction, $value, $root-selector) Applies the value to the #{$base-property}-#{$default-direction} property in a LTR context, and flips the direction in an RTL context. This mixin zeros out the original value in an RTL context.
mdc-rtl-reflexive-property($base-property, $left-value, $right-value, $root-selector) Emits rules that assign #{$base-property}-left to #{left-value} and #{base-property}-right to #{right-value} in a LTR context, and vice versa in a RTL context. Basically it flips values between a LTR and RTL context.
mdc-rtl-reflexive-position($position-property, $value, $root-selector) Applies the value to the specified position in a LTR context, and flips the direction in an RTL context. $position-property is a horizontal position, either “left” or “right”.

A note about [dir=”rtl”]: mdc-rtl($root-selector) checks for [dir="rtl"] on the ancestor element. This works in most cases, it will sometimes lead to false negatives for more complex layouts, e.g.

<html dir="rtl">
  <!-- ... -->
  <div dir="ltr">
    <div class="mdc-foo">Styled incorrectly as RTL!</div>

Unfortunately, we’ve found that this is the best we can do for now. In the future, selectors such as :dir will help us mitigate this.